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The podcast exploring Sex, Relationships, and Liberation through real conversations with conscious objectors to the status quo 


Hello, hello! My name is Nicole, MA, (She/Her), and I am a Queer, Non-Monogamous Sex Educator, Psychotherapist, Trauma-Informed Certified Yoga Instructor, and Doctoral Student in Clinical Psychology training in Psychedelic Integration Therapy. 

As a queer and non-monogamous individual, I wanted to open up an honest and destigmatizing space to explore these topics and more. These are aspects of my identity I have tried to share with my conservative Mormon family but always felt such a vast disconnect between our experiences of this world. I dreamed of creating a space to share vulnerable conversations about these topics and other expansive ways of existence, closing the gap in understanding and connection. Conversations have the power to change society. From this, I created the podcast, Modern Anarchy: exploring sex, relationships, and liberation through real conversations with conscious objectors to the status quo.

Join me as I feature the honest stories of those unashamed in their pursuit of authenticity. Each person on the show will choose the next guest to reflect a de-centered and ever-evolving definition of what it means to be a conscious objector. The podcast serves as a larger social movement project celebrating the diversity of the human experience and inspiring you to honor your authentic self.


With all my love,



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I'm here to support you in discovering and pursuing the things that bring your soul alive and give you greater zest for life. Whether you are exploring opening up your relationship, navigating jealousy and compersion in open relating, expanding your sexuality through kink, or connecting deeper with your solo sex practices, I’m here to support you wherever you might be on your journey to a more pleasurable life.

This podcast takes on modern conceptions of sexual pleasure and how we “should” be experiencing pleasure. By completely putting aside societal expectations and giving herself space to have new experiences Nicole has opened so many doors that I didn’t know existed. Interesting, insightful, and feel-good. You leave the episode feeling empowered.


Modern Anarchy intertwines relationships, politics, societal structures, and more in ways that so few other podcasts are doing. So many podcasts that discuss alternative styles of living/relationships often seem to do so in a bubble that ignores social structures OR is very aggressive in their views on society. In this podcast, however, Nicole acknowledges the complexities of it all and approaches conversations in a gentle and open-minded way. I also love the nomination approach to finding speakers - it makes for really great conversations with people that might not otherwise be heard.


I really appreciate Nicole’s bold approach to this show. The guests are brilliant. These progressive conversations question everything and inspire listeners to keep the ideas flowing.


Learning so much since leaving religion and trying to figure out how to exist on this planet.


Nicole is an incredible host, but the real meat of the podcast comes from the content she's putting out into the world. I mean, if I would have had this available to me when I was younger things would have been SO different. Guess I'll just have to keep learning and listening to the wisdom that seems to follow her wherever she goes. I love this host, I love this podcast and I love the person I'm becoming because of it.



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real conversations with conscious objectors to the status quo - destigmatizing queer, poly, and kink lifestyles

The podcast exploring Sex, Relationships, and Liberation through real conversations with conscious objectors to the status quo 

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