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Relationship Reflection

Celebrate Your Story of Connection With This Monthly Practice

1. Answer

Grab a journal and take turns answering the questions below. One person will ask the first question and write down the response they hear from the other.

2. Process

After answering the first question, ask the person who was taking notes how the response is landing for them. How does it feel to hear this information? What is resonating?

3. Switch

Now, switch roles. Invite the person who was taking notes to answer the first question while the other person writes down what they hear from the other. Repeat this process of answering, processing, and then switching for the five questions below.

4. Reflect

After completing the questions each month, look back to last month's answers. Consider processing the following questions: how does it feel to look back on last month's answers? What changes can we celebrate? What do we want to hold onto and prioritize in the month ahead?

The Practice

1. What are some memorable moments we shared in the last month?


2. What does our relationship mean to you?

3. How have I loved you well in the last month?

4. How have I shown up for you erotically in the last month?

(adjust to the unique dynamics of your connection )

5. What are you most grateful for in our connection?

The Questions

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