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Hello Dear Listeners and Relationship Anarchy Community. We need your voice in the first research study on the practice of  Relationship Anarchy. 

Relationship Anarchy Research Study

Contribute to the first...

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As a relationship anarchist myself...

I was searching for literature exploring this relational philosophy and noticed there is a large gap in our scientific research on this practice. Filling in this gap not only helps to inform psychotherapists, like myself, with the multicultural understanding to provide competent care but also informs the direction of our movement as a community.

In 2023, I conducted the first psychological research study exploring the practice of relationship anarchy for my Doctoral Dissertation in Clinical Psychology. This research examined the lived experience of relationship anarchists through anonymous semi-structured, qualitative, phenomenological interviews. Results from this research study will be released on this page in Summer of 2024. To be notified when it is released, sign up for the newsletter below.

These powerful interviews inspired my own practice of relationship anarchy, and I am excited to share the insight from these discussions with the Modern Anarchy community.  The research exploration now continues with an invitation for you to share your voice below and the opportunity to join me on the Podcast for a live discussion of your lived experience with the phenomenon.

Sending my love,


MA, Clinical Psychology

How It Started

Looking For Episodes on
Relationship Anarchy?

Contribute to the research by answering the questions below. All responses will be kept anonymous.

If you would like to be considered for the opportunity to come onto the podcast with Nicole and share your lived experience with the Modern Anarchy community, then include your name and contact information at the end of the form.


For any questions related to this research, please reach out to our team here.

Share Your Voice

Thank you for your interest in participating in the following research on Relationship Anarchy. All participation is completley voluntary.

Demographic Information

Please provide the following demographic information below.

How would you describe where you live?

Interview Questions

Please answer the following questions below. Feel free to answer these questions with a length that feels appropriate for you.

Share Your Voice on the Modern Anarchy Podcast

Optional: If you would like to be considered for the opportunity to expand on your lived experience practicing Relationship Anarchy through a Zoom interview with Nicole, please provide your contact information below.

Select conversations will be aired on the Modern Anarchy podcast as a part of a special series exploring the practice of relationship anarchy and will be used as research towards a developing book on the subject.

Thank you for sharing your insight and contributing to the first research on Relationship Anarchy!

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