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Community Care Fund Application

Thank you for your interest in The Community Care Mutual Aid Fund. At the Pleasure Practice, we are deeply committed to making Sex and Relationship support accessible and affordable for everyone in our community. We understand that seeking support services can be a significant decision, and we want to ensure that financial concerns do not stand in the way of your support. Our sliding scale fee structure is designed to accommodate individuals with diverse financial circumstances, and we are dedicated to working with you to find a fee that suits your needs. Individuals who are able to pay the full $350 per session cost contribute to The Community Care Mutual Aid Fund to allow for the opportunity of sliding scale rates.

We believe in building adaptable relationships, and as your circumstances evolve, we are open to adjusting fees accordingly. If you have any questions or concerns about our fees or payment options, please don't hesitate to discuss them with us by using the contact form. Your feedback is valuable, and we are continually working to improve our services and increase access to care for all.

Please honestly provide the following information and answer the questions below to accurately gauge a sliding scale rate. Be sure to complete this form along with the Pleasure Practice general application.

Personal Information

Thank you for providing your information. Please be sure to also complete the Pleasure Practice general application form detailing your goals in working together as well. We will be in contact regarding next steps after you have completed both forms.

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